Progress Container & Display offers comprehensive, cradle to cradle eCommerce packaging design and production services.

Our eCommerce packaging solutions help our customers to protect their products with attractive packaging highlighting their brand and appealing to consumers.

First impressions matter. When you create a memorable branded unboxing experience, your customers will return to experience it again. 

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A 2018 eCommerce survey showed 23.65% of Millennials and 23.33% of Gen Z said branded, gift-like packaging would make them more likely to purchase from a brand again.

How Our eCommerce Packaging is Different

Product packaging plays an extremely important role in the online shopping process. The unboxing of a product has a lasting impact on consumer behavior, making it important to provide a positive emotional experience for the end customer.

Creating a positive unboxing experience requires the implementation of emotional design elements into the graphics to establish a positive connection between the consumer and the product. The unboxing experience is what builds brands!

At Progress Container & Display, we build every eCommerce packaging solution with the first impression of the end customer in mind. We offer custom graphics, including inside print messaging and brand highlights, all aimed at creating delight and excitement for the consumer when the package arrives on their doorstep.

A Paper and Packaging Board study showed that 72% of respondents felt that product packaging design influenced purchase decisions. When buying a gift for someone else, that number jumped up to 81%.

In eCommerce, packaging offers opportunities that go beyond simple product protection, such as:

  • Telling a brand story
  • Creating an experience
  • Creating brand loyalty


Our eCommerce Packaging Solutions

At Progress Packaging & Display, we offer the following eCommerce packaging capabilities:

  • In-house structural and graphic designers to support custom packaging and brand messaging.
  • Customized packaging built exactly to customer specifications.
  • Heavy investment in state-of-the-art equipment, including inside printing, glue monitors, and cameras to ensure consistent production and execution.


A Better Unboxing Experience From Progress Container & Display

The unboxing experience is an essential part of the eCommerce shopping experience.

At Progress Container & Display, we have extensive experience creating innovative, aesthetically pleasing packaging for retail products. To see how we can help with your product or project, please contact us today.

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