Gain a competitive advantage with innovative packaging solutions for specialty products — from item dimensions to box design and delivery.

When your product is bulky, heavy, fragile, or is a large investment, standard packaging solutions are never enough. Get all of the benefits of a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective shipping solution optimized for your unique set of challenges with custom printed corrugated boxes. Whether it be to protect irregularly shaped industrial equipment, ship healthcare products globally, or protect heavy produce and perishables from bumps and bruises, there is no better way to secure your supply chain than by investing in solutions that pay off down the line.

Whether you’re shipping directly to retailers, manufacturers, or customers themselves, there are new expectations that must be met. Not only must products arrive safely, but they are also expected to arrive swiftly, be easily returnable, and build a connection with a branded exterior.

Not sure of the right packaging fit? Discover how to save more on shipping with custom printed corrugated boxes by reaching out to our team.


Match Every Shipping Challenge with Professional Box Design

Whether you ship by truck, rail, or sea, your products are subject to dropping, rough handling, and damage. The right manufacturer will help you understand the essential factors that play a role in protecting your product — from the best type of packaging to flute size, balancing protection and price with strength testing, and streamlining your supply chain to reduce total landed costs.

At Progress, our structural design team is here to design industry-specific custom printed corrugated boxes with cutting-edge equipment and technology. Depending on your product type, size, weight, and fragility our in-house team ensures your unique challenges are overcome with the right amount of vertical compression, strength, and cushioning, or better printability and foldability.

If you are looking for innovative ways to battle rising costs in raw materials like pulp and gasoline — our team is here to identify design improvements with a thorough Supply Chain Assessment.

Optimize your packaging with a Supply Chain Assessment, and trusted supplier, today.


Build a Better Brand with Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

Whether you are looking for innovative ways to differentiate your product online or foster in-store loyalty for a lifetime, branded packaging can make all the difference. Achieve the look and feel that appeals to your customer base with in-house graphic designers backed by years of industry experience, enhanced graphic design, and extensive print capabilities.

Execute Your Vision with Top-of-the-Line Capabilities

Industry-Leading Flexographic Print: Take custom printed corrugated boxes to the next level with our Gӧpfert RDC Evolution HBL 8-color printer and die cutter — the highest quality flexo print in the world.

Digital Printing: Upload detailed, high-resolution custom designs directly to the press and reap the benefits of variable printing and high-quality graphics.

Offset Printing: Effectively build a high-end experience out with foil stamping, embossing, spot gloss, and other embellishments and print colorful, high-quality images accurately.

Looking to get inspired? Review our gallery featuring custom printed corrugated boxes or reach out to request a prototype today.