Design Services

Progress Container and Display has an experienced staff of Structural and Graphic designers who can develop the appropriate solution to accomplish your Industrial/Marketing/eCommerce objectives. We develop the structural solution and our experienced Graphic staff can help develop your direct to consumer messaging.

Our Designers are experienced in multiple print disciplines (Flexo, Litho, Digital) and utilize their talents as directed by your Go to Market Strategy. How can we help with your next marketing, direct to consumer or distribution challenge?

Design Packaging Services

Manufacturing Services

Progress Container and Display has a history of continual investment in state of the art production equipment and processes. We manufacture everything from industrial shipping containers, which will help get your product to market, and the Point-of-Purchase Displays that help merchandise your product at Retail, or the eCommerce package that ships direct to consumer.

An example of this investment is our new Gopfert HBL 8 color press, which can print inside and outside in-line. It is the highest quality direct print flexo press in the world. The new HBL will be operational in the fall of 2020! How can we help reinforce your branded message?

Manufacturing Packaging Services

Fulfillment Services

Progress Container and Display has the ability to help bring your point-of-purchase packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and eCommerce packaging to live by providing assembly, fulfillment, pre-packing of your product into the vehicle that will carry your Brand’s message directly to the consumer.

We can also help pack your products into their shipping containers for distribution. How can we help with your next Logistics challenge?

Get Expert Packaging Services

Progress Container & Display has been providing top-notch packaging services since 1971. Reach out to a team member to discuss how we can help build your next packaging program here.