Need a better way to differentiate your products and streamline delivery? There’s a reason why supply chain success begins with custom corrugated boxes.

Promoting, protecting, and preserving products has never been easier with versatile, cost-effective, and durable custom corrugated boxes. As the variety of products has expanded, and delivery options have advanced, the demand for custom corrugated boxes has increased. As a result, finding the right-fit packaging supplier is more important than ever.

Corrugated packaging has become an irreplaceable solution in the global supply chain. Protecting products through transit and preserving them during warehousing is non-negotiable for businesses looking to nurture and grow their brand.

Custom Corrugated Boxes — Your Solution From E-Tail to Retail

It’s no secret that businesses that offer visually-driven products generate more sales in the age of digital marketing. From eCommerce businesses to brick and mortar stores, building a brand with custom corrugated boxes increases the value of your products.

Ready to get control over every touchpoint that matters, whether it’s in-store or at the front door? Fortunately, the versatility of custom corrugated boxes makes it easy to apply across industries. Whether you need extra liners and layers for stacking strength or a smooth surface suitable for printing, Progress Container & Display has the solutions you need to face rough handling, climate challenges, and printing head-on.

Brick and Mortar Retail Packaging

From shopping centers to convenience stores, supermarkets, and more, custom corrugated packaging is increasingly seen as an effective marketing tool and solution for businesses looking for cost-effective ways to stand out. With the ability to reach target audiences in pre-identified locations, custom corrugated packaging effectively acts as a billboard for key audiences without additional ad spend.

The type of printing used to create your custom printed retail display packaging can impact your customers’ perception of your brand. Present your products effectively in the retail space with print and design services that are visually engaging, consistent, accurate, and meet your goals. With flexographic, lithographic, and digital printing, Progress Container & Display can meet large and small orders alike with cost-effective, quality printing solutions.

Custom eCommerce Packaging

The value of brand aesthetics has only increased as online companies face fiercer competition for customers’ attention. With the explosion of eCommerce, products are more visually-driven than ever. From subscription boxes to electronics and high-end items, custom corrugated boxes positively impact a customer’s experience and word-of-mouth marketing in person and online via social media.

Faster delivery, relaxed return policies, and free shipping has fueled eCommerce growth. As your partner in supply chain solutions, Progress Container helps your business effortlessly adapt to ever-changing eCommerce trends. When it comes to securing your supply chain, your products are always in good hands with durable, edge crush and Mullen tested custom corrugated boxes. So whether you’re focused on streamlining your delivery process or producing structurally secure custom corrugated boxes to safeguard fragile items, Progress Container & Display has the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet industry standards and production goals while delighting customers every step of the way.

Sustainable Custom Corrugated Boxes

One of the best things about custom corrugated boxes is that it is an excellent alternative to flexible plastic packaging and has recently skyrocketed in popularity as environmental concerns have increased in urgency. Unlike plastic packaging, custom corrugated boxes are biodegradable, recyclable, and 100% renewable.

Is sustainable packaging the right shift for your organization? For products emphasizing health, environmental, and lifestyle benefits, sustainable packaging is a natural choice. Not only is corrugated packaging a great alternative, but customers respond to sustainability initiatives as well, with 74% of customers citing they would even pay more for sustainable packaging.

Certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI), the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), and featuring an ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, Progress Container & Display meets fiber sourcing standards annually and is qualified to help you build sustainable supply chain practices.

However, the benefits of custom corrugated boxes don’t end at protecting the planet. Affordable recycled materials make our services more economical, and eliminating unnecessary packaging elements cuts down on shipping costs. If you still feel there is more to be done for ongoing sustainability initiatives, maximize your corrugated recycling initiatives with five eco-friendly corrugated recycling tips.

Ready for the Customization Process?

With your product dimensions on hand, messaging in mind, an idea of your shipping challenges and customer’s expectations, we can help prepare a prototype based on your needs. The right packaging supplier has extensive industry experience and proven packaging solutions, stays on top of ongoing trends from sustainability to marketing, and caters to the demands of your growing business.

Discover the True Cost of Your Current Packaging Supplier

Although you may have negotiated great unit costs for your packaging, you may be surprised to find total costs adding up to much more than anticipated. At Progress Container & Display, we take a holistic approach to supply chain solutions and help you optimize distribution on all fronts, including product damage, material waste, warehousing, handling, and transportation.

From addressing hidden supply chain costs with smarter packaging machinery to capitalizing on emerging packaging trends, turn to a packaging partner that is aware of industry changes and making strides toward advancement. If you aren’t confident in the capabilities of your current packaging supplier, there is no better time to build a partnership with a supplier that is fully equipped to grow with you.

Ready to navigate product shipping faster with a packaging expert? Explore custom corrugated solutions, from design to distribution solutions.