Every unboxing experience will evoke some sort of emotion. However, you want to ensure you are creating a rich experience that evokes positive emotion—excitement, anticipation, pleasure. Implementing emotional design elements into your product packaging will create a connection between the product and the consumer. A positive experience can lead to increased sales.

Below are some general things to consider when creating your unboxing experience:

Know the Intended User

Know what gets your user excited and try to incorporate that into your packaging. For example, an engineer may prefer packaging that fits together cleanly and has a clear progression to unpacking it, while an artist may prefer more abstract designs and unique configurations.

Choose an Appropriate Box Style

  • Your style of box will make a difference in how the product is perceived. How the box opens and closes, it’s complexity, weight, construction, coatings, and of course, printing will all tell a story about your product and brand.
  • Make sure it is easy to open. Nothing ruins a great unboxing experience like struggling to open the box.
  • When shipping direct-to-consumer use the shipping box as a branding opportunity. The excitement of the unboxing starts as soon as your customer sees your brand on the box.

Pack for presenting

  • Everything included should have a space in the box that has been deliberately chosen. Nothing should be loose in the box.
  • Create packaging that places emphasis on the main component. Don’t stick the invoice, directions, or marketing materials on top. For many products creating an obvious progression for unboxing works well.
  • Any product that requires charging for use should be charged or charged prior to boxing. No one wants to wait two hours or more to use the product once they open it.

Internal Packaging Materials Matter

  • Internal packaging components are necessary to ensure the product and components are not moving around loose in the box. Beyond functionality, they should be aesthetically pleasing. Avoid using packaging peanuts and anything that will make a mess or detract from the unboxing.
  • Internal packaging materials provide additional branding opportunities for you to engage with your customers.
  • Quality materials will suggest a luxury product.

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