Is It Time To Evaluate Your Packaging Vendor?

If your vendor isn’t meeting your needs, it may be time to make a change. Below are some topics for consideration regarding your current vendor vs. Progress Container and Display.

Supply Chain Inefficiencies

We provide suggestions to reduce supply chain inefficiencies, including:

  • Supply Chain Management.  Starting at the pallet, we evaluate utilization with regards to warehouse
    storage, trailer yield, and distribution.
  • SKU Management.  We will evaluate where SKUs can be consolidated.
  • Packaging Optimization.  We create economically and structurally responsible corrugated
    solutions, and will study your processes evaluating if a packaging change can improve process flow.


Quality Issues

Quality issues with print, misregistration, poor slotting, inferior or false scoring, and excessive glue end up with inferior packaging in the supply chain or at retail. Lost time and money is the result, and it impacts your brand’s image.

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment. Glue monitors and cameras ensure the ability to consistently execute without fail. We are ISO 9001/14001 certified, employing color management and information systems controls to monitor everything we do, so your packaging arrives exactly as expected.


Poor Communication

If your vendor isn’t listening to your needs or isn’t communicating with you regularly, it may be time
to find a new packaging vendor.

Communication is key to any relationship. Listening is the most critical component. Has your vendor ever asked what your company’s goals are and listened to what you’ve told them? Are they just showing up to make the sale, or are they looking to provide solutions consistent with your company’s goals?

Progress believes relationships start with listening. We want to know what your company goals are and what areas in your packaging processes are causing you pain? Progress Container collaborates with customers, helping reduce or eliminate their pains as well as reduce the total landed costs of their packaging.


Long Lead Times

If your current vendor isn’t consistently hitting your requested delivery date, it may be time to change your packaging vendor.

Extended lead times can cost you money. Our lead times are about 5-7 days for industrial repeat orders and about 10 days for retail display box repeat orders.


Is Progress Container the vendor for you?

If you are looking to partner with an experienced packaging vendor having:

  • insight into current industry/retail trends,
  • an interest in understanding your needs, and
  • the ability to execute consistently and on-time without fail


It may be time to consider Progress Container as your vendor. With an in-house structural design department and more than 45 years of experience, we have the knowledge and capabilities to help you reduce your total costs of packaging and reduce or eliminate some of the current pains you are feeling. Contact Progress Container to learn more.