eCommerce packaging supplies

Although eCommerce saw an uptick pre-pandemic, the pandemic accelerated the growth as many brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close and relied on eCommerce for sales. This created a greater need for eCommerce packaging supplies.

As the pandemic becomes an endemic and brick-and-mortar stores welcome shoppers back at total capacity, custom eCommerce packaging is more important now than ever. During the pandemic, more than 50 percent of small businesses improved upon or added eCommerce portals, and 66 percent expect to generate more online sales after the pandemic ends than before. Ecommerce sales were up 110% in January 2022 compared to January 2019. With more businesses selling online and more customers buying online, customized eCommerce packaging is one way to stand out in a crowded industry.

Corrugated Packaging Supplies Meet Many Needs

Of all eCommerce packaging supplies, corrugated containers are among the top choices. This is because they meet customers’ needs in many ways through sustainability, superb product protection, marketability, which fosters brand loyalty. Customized packaging is also cost-effective and can reduce your total costs with the right partner.

Environmentally Friendly

Corrugated is made from paper, a renewable resource that can be recycled and reused. Most corrugated boxes today are made with recycled materials, which can help companies in various industries meet their sustainability goals.

Superb Product Protection

Customers expect fast delivery and secure packaging. Ensuring your packing is customized to your product is one way of ensuring the best protection and reducing total costs. Products that need to be returned, because of damage that might have been prevented with proper packaging, delay customer gratification and create frustration and mistrust from your customers.

Grow Sales

Corrugated packaging provides a blank slate for marketing. Branded eCommerce packaging allows you to tell your story, create an enjoyable unboxing experience, and ultimately create brand loyalty. Industry surveys have shown that branded packaging matters. An overwhelming majority of customers prefer corrugated packaging and 40% get excited about branded or gift-like packaging. Companies that use branded packaging often see repeat sales.

Highly Cost-Effective Solution

Optimized corrugated e-commerce packaging can reduce your total cost of ownership. Not only does optimized packaging use fewer materials and prevent returns from damage, which reduces your costs, but it can also reduce costs in other ways if you work with the right vendor. Complex configurations could be causing inefficiencies in your packaging line. The right vendor can redesign your packaging for greater efficiency. And a vendor that offers just-in-time delivery can save costs associated with managing and warehousing it.

As gas prices soar, rising shipping costs are keeping pace. Corrugated can help reduce those costs. In addition to product protection, right-sized corrugated packaging reduces materials used, resulting in lighter packaging (reduced shipping costs) and smaller packaging, so you can fit more product per truckload, saving you money.

What to Look for in an eCommerce packaging Supplier

Creating a cost-effective eCommerce packaging is complicated, with many variables to consider. If your packaging vendor doesn’t correctly control those variables, you may face several issues, including wrong box size, imperfect printing and color inconsistency, and a variety of other issues that can cost you time and money.

It becomes imperative that you work with a reputable and experienced corrugated box manufacturer. A partner that not only understands corrugated and printing but also takes the time to understand your needs, your product, and is mindful of your budget will not only provide you the perfect box for your and your customer’s needs but can reduce your total costs through packaging optimization, material choice, and design.

Advantages of Working With Progress

Progress Container & Display offers comprehensive cradle-to-cradle eCommerce packaging solutions. We can design, manufacture, and deliver customized eCommerce packaging while keeping your budget and total costs in mind.

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