Turn Corrugated into Affordable Marketing Material

When many people think of corrugated boxes they think of the ubiquitous box used to ship product. And while that is an important function, corrugated can also be used to drive brand awareness and attract customers.

Whether your corrugated box is sitting on a warehouse shelf, used as primary packaging for retail, or is being shipped directly to the consumer a fundamental goal of the packaging should be to gain your customers’ attention.

If you think packaging design doesn’t influence buyers, think again. One example that clearly demonstrates this is Australia’s Tobacco Plain Packaging Act , which bans logos and distinctively-colored cigarette packaging in favor of green packaging with brand names printed in small standardized fonts.

Not only have the sales of cigarettes dropped since the law was enacted, consumers have complained. They taste worse even though the product itself hasn’t changed.


Why Corrugated?

Here are three reasons why corrugated should be part of your design:

  • Flexibility.  Corrugated is a relatively inexpensive material and gives you the flexibility to print designs
    and colors exactly how you want them. Plus, choices in printing and finishing techniques means there are
    a variety of options available to help your product stand out.
  • Lightweight.  It is a light material, so it’s cheaper to ship and easier to load and stock in stores then other
  • Sustainability.  Corrugated is renewable, reusable, and recyclable. In addition, with the right structural design you can reduce the amount of packaging needed while still protecting the contents.


Make Your Corrugated Stand Out

  • Know your customer.  Make sure your brand speaks to your audience and you know what your customers’ expectations are regarding packaging. Older customers may need an easy open design or may be moved by
    nostalgic design, while a younger customer may be more attracted to forward-thinking and environmentally friendly designs.
  • Use of color.  Your brand can be defined by the colors you use. Colors can be used to evoke emotion and human response, so use color strategically. For example, black can denote power and is a common color for power tools.
  • Consider the season.  Work the season or special event into your design. Design your product so it can be used as unique display or end cap in retail for example.


Need Help Designing Packaging that Sells?

Progress Container & Display has a full-service in-house graphics department that can use your
artwork or create unique graphics to help create packaging that sells.

Whether you need retail packaging, point of purchase displays, branded shipping packaging or all of the above, Progress Container can deliver with attention-grabbing graphics and economically responsible packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more.