Can a Packaging and Supply Chain Assessment Save You Money?

If you are choosing a packaging vendor based on only unit cost, you might be costing yourself more money. Looking at the total cost of ownership, through a packaging and supply chain assessment, can help you reduce your opportunity and variable costs.

A packaging and supply chain assessment can save you money through increasing pallet yield, SKU consolidation, or design improvements.

It starts with listening

The most critical step in a packaging and supply chain assessment for a vendor is listening. Your packaging vendor should spend more time listening to you than pitching to you. Progress Container and Display creates impactful solutions by listening to customer’s pain points and becoming familiar with their journey— why companies do things a certain way, what solutions they have tried, and why other solutions didn’t

Saving customers money

When an assessment is conducted, Progress looks to provide suggestions to impact costs associated with the following:

  • Supply Chain Management.  Starting at the pallet, Progress Container evaluates the pallet yield with regard to warehouse storage, trailer utilization, and distribution.
  • SKU Management.  Progress Container will evaluate where SKUs can be consolidated
  • Packaging Optimization.  Progress Container creates economically and structurally responsible corrugated solutions. Progress Container will study your processes evaluating if a packaging change can improve process flow.

Supply Chain Management

Maximizing pallet yield has an impact throughout the supply chain and influences opportunity and variable costs for the company’s finished goods inventory. If the packaging doesn’t fit on a pallet, whether it has overhang or too much underhang, the customer’s finished goods inventory and transport costs can suffer.

SKU Management

Progress Container looks for ways that SKUs can be reduced. A formal assessment is conducted reviewing how packaging is used within the facility, and similar size boxes will be consolidated where applicable. By consolidating and reducing SKUs, Progress’s customer’s can take advantage of higher quantity pricing and thereby reduce costs.

Product and Packaging Optimization

Progress Container evaluates your packing process to see if there are opportunities to improve efficiency. For example, an assessment revealing a design change could save considerable time with packaging assembly or product packing.

The increased efficiency on your line could translate into significant savings. Progress looks at the packaging itself.

It’s known that too little packaging can cost you money in returns and product damage, but too much packaging can also cost in excess materials and waste. Progress Container can help you find the right balance.

Request a Packaging and Supply Chain Assessment Contact us if you would like the opportunity to assess:

  • Pallet utilization
  • Supply chain utilization
  • SKU management
  • Packaging optimization
  • Total landed cost related to assembly time with your packaging


A packaging and supply chain assessment can save you money. Contact Progress Container to learn more.