Years ago, when your plain brown box arrived, you opened it with no expectation other than the contents were not broken in transit. Today, a quick search of social media demonstrates the unboxing is as much a part of the experience as the contents in the box.

In fact, a study conducted on behalf of the Paper and Packaging Board showed 72% of respondents felt the design of a product’s packaging often influences their purchase decisions, and when buying a gift, that number jumps to 81%.

In eCommerce, if you are using your packaging only to protect your product during shipping, you could be missing out on these opportunities:

Tell Your Story and Brand Your Box

Your brand’s personality should be reflected in your packaging. If you value sustainability, if your product has a connection to a particular industry, or is intended for a particular demographic – whatever it is, it should be clearly reflected in your packaging. If you have a story to tell that can elicit emotion from your customer, find a way to include your story.

Your brand should speak for itself. When a customer sees your packaging, they should know without opening the box it comes from you – think of Tiffany’s iconic blue box.

Create a Viral Experience

Consumers are obsessed with unboxing videos. Popular unboxing videos can have millions of views – one popular Play-Doh product has over 850 million views! Do all these views help drive sales?

According to a Google survey, 62 percent of people who view unboxing videos do it while researching a product.

A positive unboxing experience could potentially drive them to make a purchase.

Create Brand Loyalty

First impressions matter. When you create a memorable branded unboxing experience, your customers will return to experience it again. A 2018 eCommerce survey showed 23.65% of Millennials and 23.33% of Gen Z said branded, gift-like packaging would make them more likely to purchase from a brand again.

Need Help Taking Your Unboxing Experience to the Next Level?

Progress Container & Display has a full-service in-house graphics department that can use your artwork or create unique graphics to help create a memorable unboxing experience. To learn more, contact us today.