Although eye-catching packaging is always a great way to differentiate your product, attention-grabbing point of purchase displays can make a bigger splash in the retail environment. When running promotions, it might be hard to fit all you want to say on a box — that’s where custom point of purchase displays take center stage. Strategically implementing displays increases the likelihood customers will notice your product, resonate with the messaging, and make an impulse purchase.

An effective point of purchase display can give your business many in-store advantages and is even proven to increase sales by as much as 64 times over the same product sold from their regular shelf location. From simple signs to elaborate displays, Progress Container & Display has the experience designing temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent displays for any product promotion or discount. Whether you are a major brand with popular products or promoting seasonal products for a few months, we have the background it takes to deliver the look you need across numerous industries.

Ready to Convert Browsers to Buyers? Follow These 3 Tips For Your Custom Point of Purchase Displays

1. Make the Most Out of Impulse Purchases

Once shoppers are in the store and have the intention to buy, there is a much higher chance they will be influenced to add unplanned purchases to their cart. Make the most out of this opportunity with effective custom point of purchase displays and marketing, particularly as they wait in a long checkout line.

Keeping customers engaged during the added wait time allows you to turn an everyday inconvenience into an extended shopping experience. In addition, if your product is relatively inexpensive, like food and beverage products, you can experience measurable growth and sales impact.

2. Enhance Your Cross Marketing Efforts

Another great way to enhance the impact of your next product display is with strategic cross-marketing efforts. By placing your product near a complimentary item commonly used together, customers can conveniently purchase them, even if the additional item wasn’t initially at the top of their minds.

For example, office supply stores are known for driving impulse purchases by cross-selling protective cases for laptops, ink for printers, flash drives for computers, and other similar items. If you can demonstrate how the additional item is in their best interest with messaging and graphics, you add value to the customer’s shopping experience and facilitate repeat purchases.

3. Use the Best Display Type For Your Product

Whether you are ordering a large number of displays or a few, custom point of purchase displays can be expensive or not as effective without the right display for your product and guidance from a trusted expert. To best promote well-known products or low-priced novelty items, you need a display partner that can help you find the right in-store solution, ranging from dump bins to free-standing displays, end caps, counter displays, and more. At Progress Container & Display, we can walk you through the best solution for your product, company, and brand.

Dump bins are a great display solution for small products and selling large quantities. Examples include products like candy bars and gum. These displays are often strategically placed at the front of the store, are free-standing and accessible at all angles, and have plenty of branding space for creative messages, graphics, and logos.

Free-standing displays are also found in high-traffic areas and are accessible at all angles. They excel at visual appeal and turning attention to a specific product, including samples. As with free-standing displays, end caps offer increased visibility in high-traffic areas without needing to go down the aisle.

Unsure your current custom point of purchase display is the best solution for your bottom line? Our display designers are always here to lend a hand.

Why Are Custom Point of Purchase Displays Driving More Sales Now Than Ever?

We are seeing marketers increasingly turn to custom point-of-purchase displays for three key reasons. First, marketers are seizing the opportunity to reach their target demographics right in the store, a more economical spend than other traditional advertising expenditures. Second, the decline in knowledgeable sales representatives over the years has increased reliance on effective displays to attract and educate customers. Finally, an upsurge in impulse purchases has made custom point of purchase displays a critical touchpoint in influencing customer decision-making.

From branding to increased visibility and promotion-specific displays, get the space you need with a professional display to engage and educate buyers. At Progress Container & Display, we’ll help you keep control over how your brand is presented. With custom point of purchase displays developed by an experienced hand, you’ll have a full range of capabilities at your disposal to showcase your products with better displays and bolder designs that catch customers’ eyes.

Elevate Your Next Product Display with a Proven Partner

Custom point of purchase displays offer an excellent opportunity to get creative with retail marketing and see measurable impact with effective campaigns. Whether you’re ready to experiment with different ways to grab customer attention or are looking to better target impulse buyers with cross-selling, we are here to help you find the best display solution for your brand and budget.

From unconventional die-cut shapes to large logos, bright colors, and quality graphics, we have the flexographic, lithographic, and digital printing capabilities to make economical decisions for large and short runs. Curious about our start-of-the-art printing tools? Explore how the Gӧpfert RDC Evolution HBL 8-color printer and die cutter combines precision with efficiency.

Ready for display solutions that stand out from structural to graphic design? Our experts are here to help you plan your next point of purchase display.