Marketing Secrets for Stand-Out Custom Retail Displays

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custom retail displaysIn times of inflation, more customers are turning away from online shopping in favor of in-person purchases. Consumers are quickly realizing that online prices are higher than in-store prices, and delivery costs can add another $15 or $20. There is no better time to capture customer attention than when they are actively searching for the best deal; custom retail displays are the solution to grabbing their focus and converting a sale.

Customers now expect great in-store experiences, promotions, and guidance from your packaging and displays. Make the most of this opportunity with a few little-known tips and tricks for custom retail displays.

At Progress Container & Display, we have decades of experience creating custom retail displays for various brands. Contact us today to start designing your custom creation.

Make Shopping Fun with Custom Retail Displays

Some customers inherently love shopping. It’s a chance to get out of the house and explore new products. Other customers don’t want to spend that much time in the store; they want to go in, find what they need, and get out. Custom retail displays can help you make the shopping process more enjoyable for customers, no matter their view on the experience.

For customers who enjoy shopping, custom retail displays add visual appeal to a retail environment, making the shopping experience even more inviting and enjoyable. Depending on your brand style guide, you could draw these customers to your brand with attractive images or colors.

Other customers who dislike shopping may be overwhelmed by the number of choices in a store and have trouble deciding what to buy. Your custom retail display can still appeal to these customers with attractive images or colors, but you may also add some educational copy to help them decide that your product is their best option.

Design Your Display for the Store and Department

Good displays are designed for a particular type of store and often for a specific store department. You might strategically place products side-by-side, like peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps, in the summer, you might place marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers on the same display.

Additionally, your display may encourage consumers to try your product before they buy it. A study by Ripen eCommerce found that many consumers prefer to shop in-store because they can touch and feel products before making a purchase.

Include Design Elements that are Proven to Sell

Custom retail displays invite customers to learn about your product or brand at their own pace. Include essential design elements to communicate your brand, promotions, and product. These design elements may include text, logo, and brand-specific colors, to name a few. Also, highlighting your brand’s commitment to sustainability could significantly boost your business’ bottom line. Two-thirds of consumers across all generations are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Incorporating these elements well can make your displays — especially point-of-purchase displays — pop, inciting customers to buy your product.

Entice Retailers with Promotions that Capture Attention

Remember that retailers prefer manufacturers who cross-sell, have big promotions that attract customers, or fit into merchandising themes. Consider how your retail displays fit in your overall marketing strategy. Could you incorporate cross-sells or promotions into your displays? Could you tweak your design to match a retailer’s chosen merchandising theme?

These tactics capture the retailer’s attention — giving you a huge advantage when it comes to selling in-store — and capture the consumer’s attention as well. Incorporating these elements could result in a higher return on investment for your retail display marketing efforts.

Meet Changing Customer Expectations with Custom Retail Displays

As consumers return to in-store shopping, your retail displays should seek to make their browsing experience more enjoyable and educate them about your product. They should also be attention-grabbing to stand out in the sea of never-ending options. At Progress Container & Display, we can help you design an outstanding custom retail display to check all these boxes.

Since 1971, Progress Container & Display has been focused on creating industrial packaging and display solutions. With our experienced staff of structural and graphic designers, we can help you make stand-out custom retail displays suited to your specific needs. Our designers are experienced in multiple print disciplines — flexo, litho, and digital — and use their talents as directed by your go-to-market strategy.

We also continuously invest in state-of-the-art production equipment and processes. Our Gopfert HBL 8 color press, for example, is the highest quality direct print flexo press in the world. Additionally, we’re focused on sustainability, with certifications from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council.

Start Designing Your Custom Retail Display Today

We would love to hear about your need for a custom retail display. Contact us today to start designing your custom retail display.

Captivate Customers with the Best Design for Custom Counter Display Boxes

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custom counter display boxes

Once you claim countertop space, your focus should shift to creating effective custom counter display boxes. Traffic won’t convert shoppers alone — having the right material, finish, and presentation pays off. Custom counter display boxes are effective and an easy way to promote products across many retail locations, from gas stations to airports, malls, drugstores, large retailers, convenience stores, and grocery stores.

Whether you’re looking for engaging point of sale displays or retail packaging that pops off the shelf, our creative solutions always cut through the clutter. Discover how our expert team boosts impulse purchases for countertop products like candy, chapstick, cosmetics, gum, hair accessories, hand sanitizer, phone accessories, and more.

Ready to make shopping exciting across any location?

Call our team today to create custom counter display boxes designed to do the selling for you.

Select the Right Display Box Type with an Expert Hand

Not every display box will suit your product. Depending on your product’s shape, its size, weight, and type, you may find a solution that works, but doesn’t make your item pop at the counter. Your packaging partner should always help you find the right box type and customize it to your needs without compromising on presentation. Whether your counter display box needs more hooks or tiers, each aspect should be measured to streamline the production process and maximize consumer engagement.

PDQ Trays and Peg Hook Displays

Encourage impulse purchases when space is limited with small, open PDQ Trays that provide high visibility and increase product exposure. Designed with efficiency in mind, PDQ Trays are often preloaded and easy to install. If you need a way to streamline the delivery process with your retailer, explore how our team at Progress can pre-pack your custom counter display boxes with your product. For a clever way to showcase jewelry, key rings, pop sockets, or other small items, corrugated peg hook displays are presentable, structurally sound, and engaging — making a great addition next to any register.

Displays with Stairs, Cells, and Inserts

Displays with Stairs or Tiers are popular with retail store owners because they easily capture attention and can be customized to hold a number of items. They are a great way to showcase colorful products like nail polishes and branded personal care items. Countertop displays with cells are an ideal for presenting cosmetics, chapsticks, lotions, lighters, or any other product that can be propped up. If you are looking to distinguish pharmaceutical products, perfume bottles, or pens, customizing your display with inserts can help set your product apart.

Incorporate Design Elements Proven to Sell

Depending on your box type, you have the power to make the most of your display from any side, angle, tier, directly on the header card, and even on the bottom with promotional text, brand-specific colors, text, and eye-catching graphics. Enticing designs and witty one-liners attract and hold the eye long enough to persuade customers to make an impulse purchase. If you are missing any of these key elements on your custom counter display boxes, you are missing out on the opportunity to clearly communicate your brand, promotion, and product.

Retail packaging has a powerful impact on customer perception and purchase decisions. Fortunately, you don’t need to navigate display shapes, types, sizes, colors, and styles alone. At Progress Container & Display, our team excels in delivering retail solutions that appeal to the end consumer. Our graphics team is your go-to partner for bringing your brand to life. With an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, we work hand in hand with your team from creative development to manufacturing and fulfillment — ensuring you have every element you need for success across every touchpoint.

Elevate Your Custom Counter Display Boxes with Professional Printing

While having a great design plan is essential, you also need to be confident in your display partner’s printing capabilities. Whether it be across seasonal promotions, for new retail locations, or for a new product launch, the manufacturer you side with should elevate your design with industry-informed suggestions. While your artwork should make your products stand out, your displays need to be executed with top-of-the-line color precision and print consistency. Customers should be able to readily identify your product at checkout.

Over the years our team at Progress Container & Display has heavily invested in state-of-the-art printing equipment. We offer flexographic printing, digital printing, and litho-laminating — and can help you discover the most cost-effective choice for your order size. Our Gopfert RDC Evolution HBL 8-color press provides you an additional advantage, printing inside and outside in one pass while providing the highest quality corrugated flexo print in the world. We can ensure the print on your display is consistent, crisp, and clean, and printed efficiently.

Get a Competitive Edge With Custom Counter Display Boxes

Custom counter display boxes are great for three key reasons, they are lightweight and can hold weight, they are easily transported, and they can be easily customized with eco-friendly materials. Whether you need temporary custom counter display boxes or something that is more permanent, professional printing goes a long way to achieving your goals.

For more than 50 years Progress Container & Display has worked with major retailers in Atlanta, Georgia, South Carolina, and across the U.S. We’re familiar with retailer requirements and expectations — and can ensure your display meets their conditions. Our printing capabilities allow us to manufacture at the highest industry standard, resulting in faster results and higher quality.

Get one-one-support and discover the most effective solution for your custom counter displays today.