Proactive Supply Chain Packaging Solutions

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supply chain packaging

When packaging costs are soaring, you are experiencing more returns than ever before, or there is a persistent supply chain inefficiency, you might be pressured to pin-point a single problem and solution. To really understand the supply chain issues at hand, however, you need to look at the entire process to see where to lower expenses, and what expenses are worth the investment.

Corrugated packaging should be seen as a component of a smooth-running distribution system, in addition to its numerous other advantages. Whether for eCommerce, manufacturers, or retailers, supply chain packaging should facilitate efficient transport operations and logistics while representing your brand. Explore how to secure an excellent system with supply chain packaging from pallet utilization to secure product storage, reduced returns, and design optimization to seamlessly deliver products to your end-user with efficiency at every level.

The best supply chain solutions are always proactive, and if you aren’t conducting a regular supply chain audit you are putting your system at risk. Explore the opportunities you are leaving on the table and the risks you may be taking with a custom supply chain assessment.

Experience Efficiency at Every Level with Supply Chain Packaging in eCommerce and Beyond

By maximizing the design of supply chain packaging, your eCommerce business could save time on packaging assembly, resulting in significant savings. For example, attempting to seal and secure your box with added layers of packaging tape is only adding extra costs in labor and materials. Lowering your assembly and packing time with self-locking supply chain packaging is an easy way to get the result you need.

Packaging that isn’t specified for your product and industry and is poor quality can result in damaged delivered goods and cost you more in returns. When combatting rough handling and safeguarding products, ensuring consistent package quality is crucial in securing your supply chain. For products that are manually placed on and off trucks or are prone to shifting while shipping, the Mullen Test is used to ensure strong supply chain packaging. By testing the box’s ability to withstand internal and external pressure, we are able to check corrugated strength when burst is the immediate concern. At Progress Container & Display, our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is the foundation of our quality management system of supply chain risks and opportunities.

Accelerated Printing for Supply Chain Packaging

If your current supply chain packaging includes additional marketing material such as promotions, coupons, social media cards, or thank you notes, you are not only adding extra material expenses but also putting a bigger strain on fulfillment than you might think. Substituting these additional materials with personalized emails and printed messaging is a cost-effective alternative that not only lowers material costs but saves you significant time.

Whether you are considering adding a thank you note on your interior, inscribing social media handles on the side, or communicating potential product hazards on the exterior, at Progress Container & Display we have some of the most advanced printing technology to bring unparalleled efficiency to small and large orders alike. Our state-of-the-art Gӧpfert RDC Evolution HBL 8-color printer and die cutter enables accelerated processing for interior and exterior flexographic printing with efficiency that pays off. In addition to flexographic printing, we offer lithographic and digital printing based on your application and needs. For large orders with a single design, lithographic printing may be your technique of choice for faster runs. If you have a small project and are looking for endless customization opportunities, digital printing might be the most efficient solution for you.

Industrial Supply Chain Packaging That is Built to Last

While standard size boxes may work at the start of any growing business, it’s not an economical solution in the long run. Industrial supply chain packaging provides ultimate product protection with adjustable flute profile and walls that safeguard against long-distance shipments and is custom fit to only use the amount of corrugated material needed. Because industrial packaging is custom-designed, you can maximize space on pallets, trucks, and warehouses. A lighter alternative to plastic, corrugated packaging makes the most efficient use of space and is less likely to weigh out before it’s filled.
With effective supply chain management, you can save more on hidden transportation costs. If your packaging doesn’t fit — whether there is too much room or too little — your transportation costs will rise. Keeping the mode of transportation, palletization, and the next steps in your supply chain in mind, at Progress Container & Display we work with you to understand your environment and lower costs with innovative supply chain solutions, lighter materials, and more space.

Strengthen Your Distribution System with Custom Supply Chain Packaging

Reduce waste and enhance sustainability year-round with simplified supply chain solutions that improve the overall health of your business. From saving more on marketing materials with printed promotions to lowering transportation costs with custom industrial packaging, and more, we can help you find the best place to start with a packaging and supply chain assessment. Safeguard your finished products as they exchange hands during transport to their final destination, whether it be directly to customers’ homes, retailers, or the next step in its manufacturing process.

Talk to our experienced supply chain packaging team for more ways to save and improve with our supply chain assessment today.