Do I Need Branded eCommerce Packaging?

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For online shoppers, branded eCommerce packaging becomes a critical touchpoint between your brand and them. The package delivery could be the first physical interaction the customer makes with your brand. Everything they interact with, from the shipping box to the internal fill, will help shape the first impression.

Are you asking yourself, “why should I pay for branding packaging?” Maybe you think your customer is buying your product and not the packaging. After all, they will just recycle the packaging (or throw it away if not recyclable; Yikes!). Well, it turns out there is good reason to brand your eCommerce packaging.

Online Shopping is Here to Stay

The pandemic has changed the way people shop and the expectations they have. You are mistaken if you think people will be returning to stores in pre-pandemic numbers, and investing in branded eCommerce packaging is not as important as retail packaging. While it is true that brick-and-mortar stores are not going away, it does seem that consumers are interested in cross-channel options. In a 2021 DotCom Distribution eCommerce study, 93 percent of those who frequently received online orders at home will continue post-pandemic.

Branded eCommerce Packaging Matters

The same DotCom study showed that branded or gift-like packaging improves the customer experience. If you are shipping products in polybags, you may want to rethink it because 82 percent of consumers prefer boxes, stating they provide better protection in transit, are eco-friendly, and are reusable.

Plus, corrugated boxes give you more real estate for branding and printing beautiful graphics that will please your customers. Creating an emotional connection between your brand and your customer is significant for customer loyalty. This was demonstrated in the study. More than 40 percent of 18-44-year-olds get excited about opening a branded or gift-like package, and 27 percent said branded and gift-like packaging makes them more likely to purchase from the brand again.

Branded packaging can also improve the value of your brand for consumers. More than 40 percent (across all age groups) felt it made the brand seem more upscale. From this data, it seems that branded eCommerce packaging can create repeat customers and increase the perceived value of your brand.

Unboxing Videos are Trending

It is an odd trend to some – watching videos of other people opening packages. However, according to YouTube unboxing statistics from Think with Google, “The amount of time people have spent watching unboxing videos just on their phones is the equivalent of watching the holiday classic “Love Actually” more than 20 million times” This is just on phones and doesn’t include tablets, computers, or smart TVs.

Having your product and packaging appear in a trending video isn’t the primary purpose of branded packaging, but it could be a nice side effect. Branding your eCommerce packaging can help you to create an experience worth showcasing. Although many people who watch unboxing videos may not intend to buy your product, research has shown that the appeal of product packaging can trigger impulsive buying.

Some tips for creating a memorable unboxing experience, aside from using a branded box:

  • Know your customer and what appeals to them
  • Use appropriately sized packaging so your product is moving around inside
  • Carry the branding (including color pallet and material quality) through all the packaging for a cohesive feel
  • Pack it for presenting with the main component taking the spotlight

Delivering an unforgettable unboxing experience can lead to customer loyalty, customer retention, social sharing, and new customers.

Partner With Progress For Branded eCommerce Packaging That Resonates

If you have doubts about the importance of branded eCommerce packaging, the data we’ve shared should help you realize its importance to your customers and potential customers. At Progress Container, we can help you reach your eCommerce packaging goals. We have extensive experience creating innovative, aesthetically pleasing packaging. Learn how we can help you with your next project by contacting us today.

Why Custom eCommerce Packaging Solutions Matter Now More Than Ever

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With an estimated 24 million eCommerce stores active globally, it’s true that consumers have more options than ever before. When it comes down to making their next purchase decision, particularly in industries such as apparel, personal care, household goods, and electronics, customers now have the power to quickly compare multiple options. This can be anything from quality, price, and delivery speed to, crucially, customer reviews. For businesses that have a physical product to sell, taking the necessary step to optimize their supply chain with custom eCommerce packaging solutions to meet new customer expectations is a no-brainer.

ecommerce packaging solutionsWhile the competition for online brands has become fierce in various industries, there are numerous ways for any eCommerce business to build a brand reputation that positions them ahead of the rest. With a trusted packaging provider that is prepared to overcome any challenge with expert eCommerce packaging solutions, your business will be prepared to develop a consistent customer experience while growing your customer base.

Versatile eCommerce Packaging Solutions You Can Rely On

Customers have set expectations, from products that arrive in one piece to packaging that can keep up with innovation and ongoing trends. When it comes to competitive industries like electronics, finding smart eCommerce packaging solutions that are durable and elegantly designed goes a long way to meeting them. Valuable products such as laptops, speakers, earbuds, televisions, and adapters require packaging that is customized to meet strenuous shipping requirements, without compromising on look and feel. If you’ve invested in delivering a seamless and exceptional online experience, custom eCommerce packaging solutions help you deliver on your customer expectations in-person as well.

As an environmentally friendly and durable solution, corrugated containers continue to offer the versatility eCommerce businesses worldwide need in terms of overall design and durability. With numerous printing options available, and adjustable strength, corrugated cardboard is a versatile packing choice for any eCommerce product. With more than 100 years of collective experience, our design team is prepared to meet any packaging challenge with corrugated, foam, and plastic solutions.

eCommerce Packaging Solutions that Replace the In-Store Experience

Considering competitive industries such as apparel and personal care, better eCommerce packaging solutions that build brand awareness can be the factor that distinguishes your clothing or skincare line from the competition. Personalization always makes customers feel welcomed, valued, and inspired to return, whether they are ordering from you for the first time or the hundredth. An unforgettable unboxing experience always speaks for itself. The right messaging, high-quality graphics, and thoughtfully selected colors can influence your customer’s mood, create positive associations, and build their perception of your brand for life.

Undoing the damage of a bad first impression is costly and unlikely. When refreshing your brand with creative designs, running a special promotion, or considering new eye-catching packaging, having an experienced packaging partner is crucial in making successful decisions. At Progress Container & Display, we ensure your printed packaging has a polished and professional look. Our in-house graphic designers have extensive experience in Adobe Suite and work side by side with our structural design team to bring branded visual elements to life.

Deliver a Better Branded Experience

At Progress Container & Display, we have the printing capabilities to help you carry your brand image into your customer’s home while ensuring every box is printed consistently and efficiently across the board. With flexographic, lithographic, and digital printing capabilities, make the most cost-effective decision for your production goals, with quality always guaranteed.

Get an edge over the competition with state-of-the-art technology — the ​Gӧpfert RDC Evolution HBL 8-color printer and die cutter, engineered for high precision graphics and built for efficiency and productivity. It features the capability to print 6 colors on the outside, and 1 color inside, giving you the room for creative ways to engage with your customer with branded messaging. Take efficiency to the next level with single-pass manufacturing, which not only makes production faster but also minimizes labor costs and is more environmentally sustainable compared to traditional technology.

Progress Container’s Custom eCommerce Packaging Solutions

You put time and effort into producing your products — ensure they successfully make the journey and are securely delivered into your customers’ hands no matter their size, shape, weight, fragility, or time sensitivity. As your organization continues to expand, ensure sustainable growth with packaging professionals who are qualified to recommend the best ongoing eCommerce packaging solutions to overcome any shipping or supply chain challenge.

Most businesses, however, don’t have the necessary in-house resources, or knowledge, to discover the best eCommerce packaging solutions on their own. This is where a seasoned shipping partner like Progress Container & Display can help. As a packaging expert in numerous industries and applications, we are familiar with eCommerce best practices and can identify potential risks, saving you on costs like damaged goods and returns in the long term.

Ready to find better eCommerce packaging solutions? Connect with us today, and we’ll help you get started.

Two Custom Corrugated Food Container Solutions

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Corrugated food containers have the tough job of keeping products secure and retail-ready, even when confronted with distribution challenges. Our expertise includes custom solutions for candy, nutrition, canned goods, glass jars, cereal, and shelf-stable foods, to insulated shipping boxes for perishable meat and poultry. Progress Container & Display has the industrial and retail-ready packaging solutions to drive design solutions, manufacturing results, and secure food delivery in virtually every industry.

corrugated food containers

Always ship with the right material, from breathable corrugated food containers that reduce internal moisture, to durable corrugated containers that protect against damage. By partnering with Packaging experts to create the best packaging solution for your specific needs, you can rest assured in the quality of your food products throughout the distribution cycle. Regardless of your unique packaging challenges, our team will identify opportunities to lower your total landed cost, secure your products throughout your supply chain and improve your sustainability initiatives.

Graphic Design Solutions for Corrugated Food Containers

Experience unparalleled graphic design quality and speed with the most modern printing technology in the world, the Gӧpfert RDC Evolution HBL 8-color printer and die cutter. Print urgent and high-volume orders at the speed you need while delivering professional-grade graphics with corrugated food containers that set your beverages, bottles, granola bars, preserved goods, and other products apart. Decrease your production time with flexographic printed boxes produced with fast-drying ink and get your supply chain moving.

In addition to flexographic printing, our lithographic and digital printing capabilities may offer other cost-effective solutions depending on your production needs. Although you can always ship your products in a plain box, doing so will cost you recognition in the long run. Build a reputation for quality with branded corrugated food containers, whether it be by adding a simple logo, text, or bold colors. Whether you have a single design or many, anything you have in mind can be designed and printed to meet your timeline.

Types of Protective Corrugated Beverage Packaging Solutions

Invest in corrugated food containers that can do both — deliver on structural integrity and professional graphic designs that sell. Never compromise when it comes to the efficiency and transparency of your food system and trust a proven packaging supplier to safeguard your breakable and perishable assets until they reach their final destination.

Enhance Corrugated Food Containers with Industrial Packaging Solutions

Keep bottled beverages and other breakable food items ready for consumption from initial design to delivery with heavy-duty, structurally sound corrugated food containers. Sturdy industrial packaging for food and beverage products, including jams, bottled water, wine, beer, and spirits, are tested to stay secure even when stacked or moved during transportation. As your partner, we take industrial packaging a step further and work with you to develop supply chain solutions that consistently ensure efficient delivery.

Get all of the benefits of industrial packaging for your next beverage packaging solution. When it comes to logistics management, we ensure that your box is fully optimized for maximum truck loading space when needed. Further reduce risk and take advantage of modern manufacturing processes that maintain high standards by using advanced technology for peak performance.

Delight Customers with Retail Ready Corrugated Food Containers

For food and beverage brands, the competition at the cash register kicks off on the shelf. Our retail packaging solutions will give you the edge in consumer appeal with retail-ready corrugated food containers that are optimized for efficient stocking and sale. From developing graphics that sell to printing, litho laminating, die-cutting, and gluing, our experienced graphic designers create branded packaging that sets your product apart in terms of quality or value. Our in-house design services bring more than 100 years of combined experience to the table and work hand in hand with the structural design team to overcome your distinct food and beverage distribution challenges.

Differentiate your brand with environmentally sustainable, and recyclable, corrugated packaging solutions. Customers recognize when their products prescribe to their values, particularly when it comes to recyclable packaging and protecting the planet. The natural next step is to emphasize the organic nature of your food products with eco-friendly corrugated food containers and trendy, minimalist designs. Save more by wasting less with a packaging partner that meets the requirements for SFI® and FSC® certifications. Meet customers where they are at with a proactive approach to sustainable packaging initiatives.

Trust Corrugated Solutions for Your Food Packaging Supplies

Progress Container & Display is your go-to partner for durable corrugated food containers that ship food and beverages safely with traceability in mind and lower food safety risks. Whether you require heavy-duty boxes that reduce leakage and contamination risks or retail-ready corrugated food containers that double as a product display, we adjust the structural design to fit your specific food requirements.

Let us facilitate efficiencies through the supply chain, whether it be through pallet displays or with our years of industry experience. We’ll help you make the most out of every corrugated container to keep products safer during transit and fresher for longer, and stand out on the shelf with better brand messaging. Avoid the risks that come with shipping with plastic containers, an alternative that isn’t recyclable and runs the risk of cross-contamination when reused. For foods and beverages, trust hygienic packaging that is only used once before being recycled has been proven to be the cleaner packaging option for products that need extra protection.

Connect with our team today to learn more and to get a quote.

Beverage Packaging Hops on the Brand Wagon with Corrugated

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For beverage packaging, corrugated can play an essential role in brand marketing.

Beverage packagingWhether you need multi-pack cartons, club store packaging, or retail displays, corrugated beverage packaging provides product protection, brand recognition opportunities, and cost savings possibilities. In a competitive market, driving sales, reducing costs, and cost avoidance are critical components of brand success. Using corrugated packaging for your beverages provides marketing real estate to drive sales while providing opportunities to minimize costs.

Types of Beverage Packaging

You’ve taken great care in selecting the ingredients and creating your beverage. The same care should go into ensuring it safely arrives at the retailer or club store and makes its way into your customer’s shopping cart. A variety of beverages, including wine, beer, sports drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks, and bottled water, can benefit from corrugated packaging. There are several types of packaging available.

Mother Cartons – Mother cartons are corrugated boxes that hold multiple six-, eight-, or twelve-pack containers. They offer sturdy construction that will support the weight of the beverages and protect them during transport.

Trays – Trays are lower-profile open corrugated containers used to hold canned beverages or bottled water. They can have roll sides for additional strength or cut-out handles for carrying.

Multi-Unit Box – These boxes are typically used to hold 12 or more individual bottles. For beer, for example, the corrugated board provides an alternative to folding cartons that offers more strength and protection for fragile items, such as glass bottles. When used to package wine bottles, corrugated is more economical than wooden crates.

Displays – Although not packaging, corrugated displays offer an opportunity for additional marketing of your beverages. Consumers are impulse shoppers by nature, and displays provide an opportunity for brands to present their products in an unexpected way and capture the consumer’s attention.

Beverage Packaging Is a Blank Canvas
A prime benefit of corrugated beverage packaging is that it acts as a blank canvas that allows you to tell your brand story, visually entice customers, and provide information about your product. The packaging offers a conduit for connecting with your customers to create trust.

Although beautiful graphics and vibrant colors may pull consumers in, don’t underestimate the power of your words. One online survey showed that 85 percent of respondents said product packaging helps them with in-store purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many brands miss an opportunity – many said packaging doesn’t contain enough information, and 75% will put off the purchase until they can research the product further – this number climbs to 85% for millennials.

When creating the artwork for your beverage packaging, think about what is important to your customer for that specific beverage. Even if the information is on the bottle or can label, the consumer won’t have direct access to it if they buy a multi-unit box or mother carton. Information about the product, such as origin, organic, processes, allergens, GMO-free, etc., and your company, such as values, sustainability, mission, etc., are some elements that some consumers find helpful. Asking customers what is meaningful will ensure your packaging speaks directly to your ideal customer.

Text that is hard to read is not helpful. To get the most out of the corrugated packaging canvas, ensure fonts, font size, contrast, and print quality are suitable and provide clarity for your message.

Before submitting art files read, Five things Your Graphic Designer Needs You to Know.

Why The Printing Method Matters

Choosing the correct printing method is a key step in the development process for beverage packaging. The chosen method of printing can impact costs and the brand image. Selecting the wrong print method may leave you with packaging that you are not happy with.

Considerations for determining printing method include budget, run size, whether you want direct print on the corrugated or a lithographic label, the intricacy and detail of your artwork, and the type of finish required.

There are three types of custom packaging printing used for beverage packaging – flexographic, lithographic, and digital. Partnering with an experienced team will ensure you are using the best method or methods that won’t blow your budget but will allow your brand to capture your customers’ attention and go home with them.

Experience Excellence with Beverage Packaging

At Progress Container & Display, we are no strangers to providing high-quality, competitively priced beverage packaging. We have been in the packaging business for five decades, and we pride ourselves in continually investing in our equipment and processes to improve quality and efficiency. One example of this investment is our Gopfert HBL 8 color press, which can print inside and outside inline and offers the highest flexo print quality in the world!

With a solutions-oriented approach, we collaborate across departments and with our customer to ensure our customer gets precisely what they expect. Let us know what you need in beverage packaging, and we can create packaging you can be proud of.