Delivering Retail Display Boxes That Wow

The first impression you make on a consumer is often through the retail display boxes of your product. An impression that makes them feel something positive (e.g., happiness, nostalgia, kinship, intrigue) is more likely to result in a sale. Forecast for 2022 Over the past two years, the pandemic has reshaped the retail world as […]

3 Types of Custom Packaging Printing Services

There are many ways to level up your product with custom packaging. From industrial to retail, with expert packaging printing services, you can cover all of your empty space with branded colors and designs utilizing the best printing technology for your goals. At Progress Container, we offer packaging printing services including flexographic, lithographic, and digital […]

Deliver an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Keep your eCommerce company competitive with branded and creative packaging ideas for shipping that visually display your product’s value, build trust, brand recognition, identity, and more. It’s said that packaging is just as important as the product. Whether you’re in the market for industrial packaging or an eCommerce solution, when it comes to creative packaging […]

Corrugated Design for eCommerce; Retail; and Retail Ready Packaging

Retail packaging has many functions. It needs to protect the product through the challenges of distribution, reinforce your branded message and stimulate the impulse buy. Our experienced team of packaging professionals are ready to help bring your packaging challenges to life! Corrugated Design Best Practices for eCommerce Packaging Design The right design execution, both graphic […]

5 Tips to Promote Corrugated Recycling

(Click to Expand) Traditionally, most corrugated cartons are used to ship consumer goods to retailers and other businesses, and many large companies have machines on-site to neatly bale the corrugated for recycling. With the uptick in e-commerce, there is more corrugated than ever arriving at homes across the U.S., putting the onus of recycling on […]

Printing on Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes Corrugated boxes have become commonplace in most distribution and fulfillment operations thanks to their versatility and strength. Corrugated boxes have three or more layers, each made of thick paper. Single wall corrugated board comprises two sheets of outside linerboard and one corrugated medium, a wavy inner sheet known as fluting. This middle layer […]

Choosing the Ideal Corrugated Flute Size

When packaging your product, the size and shape of your corrugated box are not the only considerations. Corrugated flute size also plays an essential role in protecting your product. Using the wrong flute size could leave your product vulnerable to damage or, conversely, use more material than is needed creating heavier, bulkier packaging or impacting […]

Why Your Brand Should Be Using Retail Ready Packaging

Packaging can have a major impact on consumer buying decisions, so it’s essential to have retail ready packaging that protects and organizes your product, draws attention to it, and highlights your brand and the product’s best features. The right packaging can make the difference between making a sale or watching your competitor make a sale.  […]

What is a Point of Purchase Display?

Click to Expand A point of purchase (POP) display is a type of advertising or marketing material located in high traffic areas in retail stores. The displays are typically placed in areas where purchase decisions are made such as checkout areas and action alley’s. POP displays focus on a customer’s in-store experience by bringing attention […]

Need an Alternative to Folding Cartons for Fragile Items?

Corrugated board is one of the most versatile packaging materials available. It can be adapted to fit almost any shape and protect a wide range of products, from small, fragile items to large, heavy items. It can be manufactured with high crush resistance, high-quality printing, or a low profile to reduce storage. Thinner corrugated board can be used as an alternative […]