Customized eCommerce Packaging Supplies Foster Brand Loyalty and Reduce Total Cost

Although eCommerce saw an uptick pre-pandemic, the pandemic accelerated the growth as many brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close and relied on eCommerce for sales. This created a greater need for eCommerce packaging supplies. As the pandemic becomes an endemic and brick-and-mortar stores welcome shoppers back at total capacity, custom eCommerce packaging is more important […]

3 Tips For Creating Effective Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Although eye-catching packaging is always a great way to differentiate your product, attention-grabbing point of purchase displays can make a bigger splash in the retail environment. When running promotions, it might be hard to fit all you want to say on a box — that’s where custom point of purchase displays take center stage. Strategically […]

Custom Countertop Displays Capitalize on Impulse Buying

If you aren’t using custom countertop displays at the checkout, you could be missing out on a lucrative opportunity driven by customer impulse buys. The average American will make 12 impulse purchases and spend on average $276 per month on impulse buys, up from $183 in 2020. Custom countertop displays will create visibility for your […]

The Key to Product Differentiation and Protection: Custom Corrugated Boxes

Need a better way to differentiate your products and streamline delivery? There’s a reason why supply chain success begins with custom corrugated boxes. Promoting, protecting, and preserving products has never been easier with versatile, cost-effective, and durable custom corrugated boxes. As the variety of products has expanded, and delivery options have advanced, the demand for […]

How To Choose Industrial Packaging Supplies

From the large and bulky to the small and fragile, your product can be shipped safely and arrive without damage if you use the right industrial packaging supplies. Using customized industrial packaging can even reduce your total costs. What is Industrial Packaging? Industrial packaging, also called tertiary packaging or transit packaging, are brown (and sometimes […]

Proactive Supply Chain Packaging Solutions

When packaging costs are soaring, you are experiencing more returns than ever before, or there is a persistent supply chain inefficiency, you might be pressured to pin-point a single problem and solution. To really understand the supply chain issues at hand, however, you need to look at the entire process to see where to lower […]

Do I Need Branded eCommerce Packaging?

For online shoppers, branded eCommerce packaging becomes a critical touchpoint between your brand and them. The package delivery could be the first physical interaction the customer makes with your brand. Everything they interact with, from the shipping box to the internal fill, will help shape the first impression. Are you asking yourself, “why should I […]

Why Custom eCommerce Packaging Solutions Matter Now More Than Ever

With an estimated 24 million eCommerce stores active globally, it’s true that consumers have more options than ever before. When it comes down to making their next purchase decision, particularly in industries such as apparel, personal care, household goods, and electronics, customers now have the power to quickly compare multiple options. This can be anything […]

Two Custom Corrugated Food Container Solutions

Corrugated food containers have the tough job of keeping products secure and retail-ready, even when confronted with distribution challenges. Our expertise includes custom solutions for candy, nutrition, canned goods, glass jars, cereal, and shelf-stable foods, to insulated shipping boxes for perishable meat and poultry. Progress Container & Display has the industrial and retail-ready packaging solutions […]

Beverage Packaging Hops on the Brand Wagon with Corrugated

For beverage packaging, corrugated can play an essential role in brand marketing. Whether you need multi-pack cartons, club store packaging, or retail displays, corrugated beverage packaging provides product protection, brand recognition opportunities, and cost savings possibilities. In a competitive market, driving sales, reducing costs, and cost avoidance are critical components of brand success. Using corrugated […]